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Memory Event Recorder

A memory event recorder is a transtelephonic device that records ECG tracings constantly and stores them in memory. The monitor looks like a beeper. It works by placing two or three electrodes on the chest, which are connected to the recorder. These electrodes may be repositioned if there is a mild skin reaction. You should call and stop wearing the electrodes if there is a more severe type of skin reaction. The patient can wear any type of clothing and participate in almost any kind of activity except for swimming (it is not waterproof).


 This device is activated by the patient when experiencing any cardiovascular symptoms. The device will then rewind a little and will record the heart’s electrical activity (ECG tracing) before, during, and after activation of the device. The patient then calls a toll-free number and is able to transmit these ECG tracings through a land telephone line.


 The main station will print out the ECG tracings on paper and send them back to Dr. Villafañe by means of the internet or fax machine. The patient must tell the main station what symptoms he or she was experiencing at the time of the recording. The patient should also mention what type of activity he or she was doing at the time of the activation (and not at the time of the telephone call). Dr. Villafañe will then try to correlate the patient’s symptoms with any ECG abnormality that may be present. The memory event recorder has an advantage over a 24-hour Holter, as the patient can keep this device for an extended period of time, which may range between two and four weeks.

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