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A pediatric cardiologist is a physician who receives extensive training in diagnosing and treating congenital heart defects and other problems associated with children’s hearts. This subspecialty involves a three-year fellowship in pediatric cardiology.


Dr. Villafañe is a pediatric cardiologist. He is trained to perform and interpret cardiovascular tests such as electrocardiograms, stress testing, Holters, memory event recorders, tilt table testing, and others.


When your child’s doctor suspects a heart problem or listens to a heart murmur, he may ask Dr. Villafañe to investigate further. Your doctor may like to obtain a second opinion from Dr. Villafañe just to be sure that there are no heart problems. Other reasons for a referral include rapid heartbeats (palpitations), chest pain, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, fainting, arrhythmias, abnormal electrocardiogram, and others. More often than not, evaluation by Dr. Villafañe results in reassuring the family that there is nothing to worry about.


Fellowship training includes clinical cardiology, research and invasive and noninvasive cardiac procedures. After fellowship, candidates for board certification in pediatric cardiology must prepare to pass a test sponsored by the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Villafañe is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. In addition, continued medical education is essential for competency and to keep up with the many new developments in this growing field. In 2008, Dr. Villafañe received an award with commendation from the American Medical Association regarding continued medical education.


It is essential for a pediatric cardiologist to interchange ideas with other specialists in their field. Dr. Villafañe is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He is also a member of many other medical associations.



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