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Premature supraventricular contractions or premature atrial contractions (PAC)

An extra heartbeat occurs early in the atria, causing the heart to beat before the next regular heartbeat. Lone premature atrial contractions are mostly benign and will not require any medical treatment. The patient is asymptomatic except for occasional “flip flop” sensations or “skipped beats” (palpitations) in the left chest. The extra heartbeats (PAC) tend to disappear at faster heart rates and may reappear during sleep or while the patient is at rest. They are common in normal children and young adults. Most people have them at sometime. Usually no cause can be found and no special treatment is necessary. The premature beats may disappear later. Patients usually stay well and will not need any restrictions or medical treatments. Your cardiologist or cardiac electrophysiologist may recommend more tests to make sure that the heart is OK.

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