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Outpatient Consults

AMAZING KIDDOSComprehensive outpatient consults are performed at our main office and satellite offices. We have several locations for your convenience.

During the outpatient consult we obtain vital signs and a comprehensive present, past and family history. You will be interviewed by our medical assistant and Dr. Villafañe. An electrocardiogram and, many times an echocardiogram will be performed on site. The results will be discussed with you by Dr. Villafañe. We will also arrange for any further testing if necessary.

Comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation can take up to 2 hours; so please set aside a reasonable amount of time for your first appointment. Follow-up appointments, if necessary, may take about an hour.




For more information:

Cardiovascular Tests:

  • 24-hour Holter Recording

  • 30-day Memory Event Recorder

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Echocardiogram

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Stress Testing

  • Tilt Table Testing

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